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The Student News Site of BASIS Independent McLean

The BIM Bulletin

The Student News Site of BASIS Independent McLean

The BIM Bulletin

Small Steps, Big Changes


As the new year begins and school work picks back up, it is important to prioritize self care and practice healthy habits. Here are some tips you can implement into daily life to stimulate both physical and mental health!


Sleep! While we understand activities and homework take up time at night, it is important to sleep so that your body is well rested for the next day. Professionals recommend 8-10 hours each night for teenagers.

Exercise regularly! Think about how many hours you are sitting every day at school. Getting exercise and moving around improves brain health as well as ability to function.

Do something you enjoy and have fun! To us, life is all about balance. Work hard and play hard. By letting yourself take a break and have fun, you can avoid burnout and enjoy time with friends and family.

Start a gratitude journal! When the stress of school and exams cloud our minds, it can be hard for us to appreciate the good in life. Starting a gratitude journal in the new year can help us stay positive and realize how much we are blessed with. Sometimes it can be difficult to set time aside and see all of the things that are going well for you, but there is always good for those who are willing to see it.

Read more! Reading can take our minds into new worlds and allow us to travel far away without moving an inch! Set aside a cozy reading corner in your room, join a book club, or go to your local bookstore and start reading more this year.

Drink more water! Make a conscious effort to drink more water in 2024! Keep a cute water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the day. Your body, skin, and overall well-being will thank you!

Try a digital detox! Our generation tends to be fixated on social media and our digital lives. While it’s true social media can offer us an amazing medium for connection, many times it can have a harmful effect on our mental health. It can set unrealistic expectations and pressures that can decrease our feeling of self-worth and confidence. Trying a digital detox can help us focus more on the meaningful memories in our life. This doesn’t mean that you completely go cold turkey and delete all your social media apps, but limit yourself for at least a few days then build up to longer periods of time.

Learn a new language! Learning a new language can help us build a new and deeper connection with a new culture. Make it exciting by trying a new traditional restaurant, enrolling in classes with your friends, and listening to cultural music. So pick a language that interests you, set realistic goals, practice daily, and have fun!¡Buena suerte!

Cook more at home! Fast food and eating out with your friends after school can be a tempting and quick solution to that after school hunger. However, outside fast food can oftentimes be packed with calories, sugar, and fat, and low in nutrients that your body needs, especially as young teens. Cooking and eating more at home allows you to control what’s going in your food and how much you eat, so you can ensure you are eating a healthy balanced diet.

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Leena, currently a junior at BASIS Independent McLean, has been a part of the BIM Bulletin since she was in eighth grade. She loves reporting on community and leadership events within BASIS, and is a passionate writer when it comes to sports, social media, and new books. She also aims to help with graphic design this year on the website. Outside of the classroom, she is involved in many clubs and sports at BASIS, such as varsity volleyball and Interest in Healthcare club. In addition, she is a student ambassador, National Spanish Honor Society (NSHS) member, National Honor Society (NHS) member, house system assistant head, and a Buteo Honor Scholar. Additionally, she loves spending quality time with her friends and family. She enjoys going on long walks with her dog in the evening and exploring all the new restaurants in the area. She aims to make a positive impact on the BIM Bulletin this year and foster growth and community here at BASIS.  
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Sarah, currently a sophomore in her second year at BASIS Independent McLean, is a passionate writer interested in social media trends, fashion culture, art, and current events. She is an avid reader and enjoys various genres, from mystery novels to psychology books. Beyond the classroom, Sarah enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. She finds great joy in connecting with loved ones and enjoying herself outdoors, whether exploring the National Parks or hiking at sunset. As Sarah continues her high school journey, she looks forward to contributing to and fostering growth to the BIM Bulletin.