The “Accident”


BY: Eugene Triguba

I turned the steering wheel with my clammy, shaking hands, letting out a shiver while drawing out a long breath. She deserved it. There was no point in wiping her blood from my face. It was Halloween anyway; children in the neighborhood should be trick-or-treating at this time. I looked outside my car window, hoping to see groups of bloody vampires and ghosts. Oddly enough, there was no one. No one in the streets. No street lights on. No lights in the houses. Everything was eerily silent. As a strange feeling crept into my bones, I froze, and almost collided with a tree. It is probably because of the stormy weather. I shook my head, there was no way I would allow a second car accident today.

Pulling into the driveway and getting out of my car, I smacked the car door with a little too much force. The air around me stirred abnormally, with a hint of calamity, as if there had been someone behind me who closed the car door with me, smirked, then vanished.

“Constance? Where are you?” I called out to my colleague. There was no response. I furrowed my brows. Constance was preparing decorations and candies before I left, and now she was nowhere to be seen.

I tried to shrug off the creepiness in the atmosphere and started to clean the blood and mud stains that were all over me. At least the car crash went exactly as I planned. The picture of the woman lying forever unconscious in her car put a smile on my face. I knew I should not have let myself indulge in the joy that made me stab her with my knife even after she was no longer alive, but death looked too good on her. This was the best Halloween experience I have had in years since my childhood.

Thump. I dropped my towel. I felt a slight movement just behind me. Then, four cold fingers pressed against my neck, accompanied by bleakness and a sign of anger. The chilling sensations crawled up my spine, making my facial expression stiffen. Is this some kind of Halloween prank? Slowly, cautiously, I turned my head. My eyes landed on the thing, or rather the person, who was behind me. It was a face covered in cuts and holes with blood that was still oozing out. Its lips were in the shape of a rigid smile, and the small curve at the tip of the mouth showed nothing but menace. The eyes of the creature were burnt, the black eyeballs had nothing but a void of darkness.

Flash. The creature disappeared. Suddenly, I was in my car again, driving on the deserted road. A black car appeared in front of me. Before I could realize what was happening and why I teleported into my car, I crashed into the black car. Struggling to open my car door, I walked over to check the other car’s driver. Realization dawned on me. Making eye contact with the creature brought me back to a few hours ago when I murdered the woman, and that dead body sitting in the driver’s seat in front of me is her body. I killed her again.

Did she seriously think haunting me and making me re-experience the murder would cause me to go insane and feel guilty? I scoffed. How absurd.

Holding her dangling head in my hands, I stared into her eyes and said in a taunting tone, “Haunt me all you want. I wish I could get stuck in this Halloween forever. Watching you die over and over again will be my pleasure.”

I tossed the body onto the side while my lips twitched into an ugly smile, “See you in a few hours.”