The Carver’s Night


by Elijah Austin

Day 1: October 27th

It’s a cold and dark night of October 27th. My friend, Ravi and I stopped at a town called Halloween, as we wanted a town to spend our Halloween night in. We stopped around 5:30PM.
Ravi went to explore the town while I am sitting on the mattress writing in my diary, exhausted
from the driving.. So far, this day has been good. I look forward to seeing what this Halloween

Day 2: October 28th

I woke up this morning to find a bag of groceries sitting on the main table near the door. I look
inside the bag to only find pumpkins. Ravi was watching a football game on the TV. I asked him,“Why did you only bring pumpkins”? He replied, “This town only sells pumpkins for some
reason. It’s very strange indeed”. I let the thought trail out of my mind. I looked around for some bread and jam. I found some bread the hotel gave us but it was called pumpkin bread. I opened the fridge only to find the provided pumpkin jam. I was starting to think this town is very strange. That was the only thing interesting that happened today. Maybe we will see something tomorrow.

Day 3: October 29th

Strange things have been happening. Ravi and I noticed people knocking at our door but no one was there. Chairs slid out of tables on their own. Our beds looked like they had people in them but there was no one in them. Food items started falling out of the shelves on their own. I’m starting to think that this town is haunted…

Day 4: October 30th

The local folks called everybody out of their houses and shared some interesting news. 13
children of the age 7 were kidnapped last night by the Carver. Apparently, the Carver was a mythical being that came down on the weekend of Halloween and took 13 children every night
of the weekend. He left marks with a hole and a red X on the houses that were kidnapped.

4:00pm: They found the bodies of the children. They were hung on the trees, smeared blood all over the tree, it was a nasty scene indeed. I’m scared to death and we agreed after this Halloween me and Ravi would zoom the heck out of here.

Final Day: October 31st

The Carver spared a few children last night only taking 10 children of the age 8. It is the morning currently and I have yet to hear about the bodies discovered. So far, I’m freaking out and have informed my parents about this. My parents have told me to stay safe and I will do that. I will inform you when I receive information about the missing bodies. So far, so good.

5:00pm: I saw him. I saw the Carver. I was taking a walk and it was turning dark. I heard rustling in the bushes, thinking it was a rabbit or something. I was gonna start to walk back when from the far left of my eye, I saw a glistening red pumpkin mask staring at me from the bushes. It was the Carver. I was certain. I ran from the trail as fast as I could. Feeling like I was running at light speed, I looked behind and he was chasing me with a blood-covered ax. My eyes started to form tears as I feared this would be the last day of my life. I ran for my life. I somehow made it to the town market. When I looked back, the Carver put up a wooden sign that said, “On the night of October 31st, you will be my first.” When I got back, me and Ravi immediately started the car and left, leaving everything behind. That was the last sighting of the Carver. Or was it…?