The tale of the Halloween world


by Kenny Eliason

It was your average Halloween night. 3 friends, Enszo, Ethan, and Grif were chilling out in Ethan’s house discussing what they would wear for trick or treating. Ethan had a plethora of costumes for the 3 to wear. The air outside was crisp and soothing. Spookiness lingered in the air. The time was 6PM, and Enszo had finished telling his Halloween story. His story went something like this,”3 friends had discovered a portal in the closet that led to a Halloween world that was a non-euclidean maze”. Ethan and Grif laughed at Enszo’s story and said he was terrible at scaring them. However, they did not realize that this story is about to become a reality.

When Ethan went to open up his closet, it was a pigsty. Ethan had never cared to clean his closet because he was lazy. Grif ended up cleaning out the closet with Enszo’s help. When they finished cleaning it out, they heard a whirring noise from all the way at the back of Ethan’s closet. Enszo was quick to say,”Guys, what is that?!” They realized it was a portal. The portal was colored purple, but interestingly, it had no edges. Then, they saw there was a street on the other side of the portal. Grif immediately said,”We should head in because who knows, there could be candy or something. Nothing can’t go wrong right?” Ethan said,”I don’t know man, this seems risky”. Grif and Ethan argued for 3 minutes over whether to go in or not and then Enszo said,”Let’s just go in, nothing is gonna happen”. Then, they all stepped into that portal.

As soon as they entered, the portal was gone, and the 3 friends found themselves in a Halloween world with just about everything relating to halloween. At the end of the street was a haunted house. Enszo tried to go trick or treat at one of the side houses, but he ended up walking into what felt like a wall. Ethan immediately realized the houses were just illusions and they were forced to enter the haunted house. In that house was what you would normally see in any haunted house. There were 3 doors on each side of the room. The 3 friends opened the door in front. The door had a portal on the other side, but once the 3 stepped through, it was gone and so was the door. Grif said,”Dude! What kind of haunted house is this?” Then this time, they opened the door to the right which showed a room filled to the brim with candy, but when they stepped into the room, the door was gone. The room also had a door, but when they went through the door, they ended back at the room they first entered in.

Enszo then said, “Guys, I think my story was true, because how is it that we go into a room with candy, but the door is gone?” Ethan and Grif eventually realized the story was true and they were in a maze. Enszo then recalled, “The maze from my story was 2 stories tall, and the way out is at the center of the maze”. The way this maze worked was when you go through a door, you go through a seamless teleporter which takes you into another room with 3 doors. It took the 3 friends what felt like eternity to find the way out. They found a hole which showed the portal, and when they fell into the hole, they ended up above the entire world with the portal in front showing Ethan’s closet.

Without hesitation, they stepped into the portal and arrived back in Ethan’s closet. They had the bags of candy they brought with them, and spent the rest of Halloween night enjoying their sweet rewards. The 3 friends enjoyed the rest of their Halloween together.