Fog of Fear


by Zachary Kadolph

You get your costume and make-up on. “Do I look good? I don’t think I do,” you ask your friends. Jade, the one you knew for a long time, adds a bit to your forehead. “Now you look like a star!” You all laugh, knowing you weren’t famous or anything. “Argh! I left my trick or treating bag at home! May I borrow one?” Ophelia says with annoyance. “Sure, I think a have a few.” You go to the supplies room and see purple eyes staring at you. It picks up a bag, holds it out, and makes a weird noise. Trembling with fear, you take it. Your heart beats faster and faster. You run out, trying not to scream. “Here,” you pant before talking again, “you go.” “Thanks! But, why do you seem so scared?” You shake, “Uh-nothing. Let’s go.” You arrive at the first house. “Trick or treat!” “Why aren’t you adorable? Here, take some candy,” an old lady says. As you and your friends walk away, you look back. The old lady said starts to look like the monster you saw earlier. You sigh. What does it want? You think.

“A-are you really sure we should trick or treat here?” Jamie says. “It’s the haunted house…” Jade looks at her and laughs, “How haunted could it be? Plus, we wanted to trick or treat at every house, right?” “I guess.” You knock, since no one else does. The
door opens and you tremble. “Trick or treat,” you all say as the door opens slightly. The monster from earlier appears, staring at you, and walks towards you. “W-what’s that?” Ophelia asks. It runs toward you. “Run!” You yell. Jamie stays there looking at it, and it looks back. She turns around with purple eyes. Oh no…, you think. Fog forms all around you, separating you from your friends. The monster appears right in-front of you.

You try to move back, but can’t. You look down and see purple goo on your shoes. It moves up your legs, so you try to wipe it off. Some of it sticks to your hand, and spreads as well. Crying, you run out of the fog. “Jade, Ophelia!” You cry out. “What
happened,” they both ask at different times. “Jamie… I don’t know where she is…” Dropping to your knees, you cry more. “A-and I’m being possessed! Leave me!” “No,” Jade refuses, “I won’t! Let’s find Jamie.” Ophelia, Jade, and you call out her name. You hear a sound and turn towards it. “Jamie, I hear her!” She runs towards you, also possessed. “Maybe we should go back to your house…” Ophelia says. “And you two should wash off,” Jade says. You all walk home and get changed. Turning on the facet in the bath, you sigh. Why did it happen? You ask yourself. You push the thought away. After you wash, you look in the mirror and see purple scars. Now what?