Halloween, Dolls, and Deep Deep Dark


by takahiro taguchi

A Halloween night with deep, deadly dark and no moon, and Laurie walked through the
alley with a tiny lamp with fire as cold wind blew through her.

On the road without any light, she step forward as the strong wind came and took up
some ashes in the sky. Laurie felt scared so she tried to huddled her clothes tight so that she
could feel warm, but it didn’t work well. As the sound of the wind got louder and louder, she
started to regret about running outside her house after a conflict between she and her mom on
such a scary Halloween night. However, repenting could do nothing, what she could only do was to move the lamp around to enlighten the alley as much as possible.

Spider web, dark, ashes, bats. Laurie tried to look close at everything that she could see.
And suddenly, she saw an old shop with exquisite old dolls on the display stand along the wall.
One of the dolls is so pretty that soon caught Laurie’s eyes. She is wearing a black dress with
orange stripe and fascinating makeup on her face. What a nice, beautiful doll. Laurie thought, and she soon decided that she could bought this doll home and she could also avoid the terrible
weather by staying in the store for a while.

Therefore, she soon stepped into the shop. The door is not closed ,Laurie noticed that
when she came to the it. It’s strange, but it was probably caused by the wind. She tried to
explained to herself. When she put both her feet into the shop, a feeling of a warmer temperature with less wind came toward her just as the cold weather outside had never happened. What a good place to stay in the winter! Laurie thought, and turn around to size up the entire room. The door is already closed (probably also caused by the wind, she thought), and next to the door, there is a window where round and shiny moon can be seen very clearly.

“Wow. I didn’t even realized that the moon is so beautiful today.” Laurie whispered to
herself surprisingly and she started to feel delighted, “since the weather is so good, ” she continued talking, “maybe I should get the doll which I saw outside and go back to home right
now.” She lifted her tiny lamp and step forward to find the doll that she had seen while trying to
avoid the spider web under her feet. There are countless dolls along the wall, so it was really
difficult for her to find a specific one. While looking through a long shelf, Laurie found a
calendar book accidentally which has a date of “October 31th” on it. But the calendar book seemed too old and some of them even seemed yellow so that she couldn’t identify the year and
many details on it. What a interesting coincidence. She thought, and continued to find the doll
that attracted her eyes.

After a long search, Laurie finally found the doll that she wanted, but it is placed in a high space where she couldn’t reach. Therefore, Laurie decided to put down the light which had been already very dim. As the lamp reaches the ground, the fire suddenly went off as the fire in it had already been very weak. Laurie didn’t notice that since she was trying to tip her toe. Then, she lifted her hands, and finally, she reached it.

She suddenly started to feel dizzy. Everything was silent. What she could only see is endless darkness.

Opening the eyes, Laurie realized that she became clumsy so that she could not even move, and only her eyeballs can move. She saw the entire doll shop in front of her, and herself seemed like to be on the top of a shelf.

Then, the October 31th ends.