Trick or Treating Mishap


BY: Arnie Chou

It was Halloween, 9:00 p.m., and David and Thomas were trick-or-treating in their neighborhood with at least five pounds of candy when they stumbled upon a haunted house on Main Street.

The haunted house was told to be the scariest in town. When David and Thomas entered the house they heard a “BOOM CRASH LIGHTNING FLASH.” They dropped all of their candy. The house shook as the candy hit the ground. They were terrified, it was like nothing they had ever heard before. 

They saw an evil doctor and his pet monster. Bane was the pet and the doctor’s name was BORRIS according to their name tags. Borris said, “you’re lucky boys because Bane’s not hungry right now.” David and Thomas were scared to death. They tried to run but Borris already saw it coming. He grabbed David and Thomas by the shirt collar and threw them into the Dungeon of Doom. The Dungeon of Doom was the only dungeon left in the world because no one knew it existed. David and Thomas heard a “ROAR” from the corner. They saw a bear that said, “welcome to the Gulag, win the fight and you will be sent back to the overworld.” David and Thomas were determined to get out. They took the broad swords off the wall and dragged them to the hall to fight. David took his sword and swung it. It hit the bear hard on the foot. The bear was wounded, it was angrier and it slashed David on the shoulder knocking him to the ground. Thomas took his sword and as the bear was going down to eat David he swung knocking the bear out cold. 

David and Thomas were freed. They got back to the overworld and decided to go trick or treating but Borris and Bane were chasing them. David and Thomas ran speed trick-or-treating and went to their houses. David got in bed and said goodnight to his mother, father, and sister who weren’t pleased about him getting to his house so late. Thomas’ parents were happy despite him coming home so late. David and Thomas were going to bed at 9:00 P.M. At midnight, Borris entered David’s room while Bane came to Thomas’s room. Borris and Bane dragged them both to the Dungeon and tied their hands. When David and Thomas woke up they saw Borris and Bane with mysterious evil grins. They saw a bomb ticking in front of them with only 5 minutes left on the timer.

Borris left because he didn’t want to be blown to bits. Bane felt shameful for what he took part in, so he didn’t leave and decided to untie the poor kids when Borris was out of sight. As they were exiting, the bomb exploded destroying the last dungeon in the world. Bane used Friend-Finder to report Borris to the FBI. The boys learned one thing “don’t trust strangers”.