Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine: Distrust Arises After Mysterious Blood Clotting


On Tuesday, April 13th, the CDC released an official statement recommending a pause in the use of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson vaccine) after noticing mysterious blood clotting, which the CDC later identified as “cerebral venous sinus thrombosis,” or CVST.

Out of the 6.8 million doses administered, the vaccine seems to be impacting women under the age of 50. Six women have developed the blood clotting disorder. Thus far, one person has died.

The Janssen vaccine was perceived as a step forward in the treatment for COVID-19, as it was one of the first long awaited single-dose vaccines. It has been successfully delivered to the majority of its recipients. A large supply of this vaccine was due to arrive in Europe, where they have been using the AstraZeneca vaccine which led to similar clotting issues in its recipients.
Regardless of concerns, NBC news released a statement concerning the vaccine: “People who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the last few weeks shouldn’t be nervous… But they should keep an eye out for possible warning signs.” An advisory committee to the CDC has been convened, still with no verdict due to lack of information on the topic. There has been discussion of reconvening, which ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) members hope to assess by Friday, April 16th.
While people looking to get vaccinated should be on the lookout for potential symptoms, authorities are confident in their ability to quickly and effectively inform the public about rare situations such as this one, and hope to tackle the issue as soon as possible.

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