Through a Different Lens: AI in our Lives


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the future of humanity, leaving its imprint on nearly every industry and facet of modern life. The driving force behind technologies such as big data, robotics, and generative tools such as ChatGPT, AI has been at the center of our fascinations. The transformative potential of AI is irrefutable and expansive—it is bound to (and will continue to) redefine our world. For the 2022-23 school year’s “Through a Different Lens,” The BIM Bulletin chose to explore this critical question: in what specific ways will these changes manifest? What does it mean to have AI in our lives?

Oftentimes, when students think of AI, generative models such as ChatGPT come to mind. An advanced chatbot introduced in November 2022, ChatGPT has given way to seismic educational shifts for students and teachers alike. Grace A. ‘26 investigates chat bots as a medium for cheating and a resource for teachers. In acknowledging the inevitable accessibility and presence of AI, Grace probes whether AI has a place in our schools.

AI is here and it’s making waves in educational systems—but how is it disrupting the dynamics of the workforce? Isabella S. ‘23 considers the historical trends of technological adoption to analyze the current applications of AI and how industries must readjust. The nature of work will undoubtedly change, but due to AI’s lack of robustness and dexterity, jobs that require decision making and communication are largely protected from displacement for the foreseeable future.

But what would happen if AI gained this sentience? What would that mean for workers? For society? Ash V. ‘25 gives us a glimpse into this world through the character Javi, a custodian at a tech-startup in 2063. When AI can make its own decisions and embrace its own thoughts, what conclusions will it make? “A Possible Future: Part One” explores the tension between humanity and technology, setting the stage for a world in which mutual integration becomes a necessity.

Ash isn’t the only one to implore the futuristic effects of AI: Science Fiction has been doing it for decades. From the Marvel Universe to popular video games, Paloma M. ‘24 deconstructs AI representations in media and popular culture to identify “The Lessons Science Fiction Can Teach Us About AI In 2023.” Is fiction a good metric for AI’s processing power? When will the line between fiction and reality blur?

We hope you enjoy this year’s “Through a Different Lens.” We sure had an amazing time putting it together.

Until next year,
The BIM Bulletin Team