by Igam Ogam

October 31, Halloween. 

Another year of finding the doors. 

Come on Shion, you can do it. Don’t give up yet. 

It had been 7 years of the same recurring holidays; New Year’s, Easter, Christmas, and the worst of them all – Halloween. Oh how he hated Halloween, the other holidays were fine, snow and presents, chocolates and egg hunting, celebration and a new year; but he was tired of it all. Ever since the bureau had exiled him to jumping through the holidays, they hadn’t given him the slightest thought. 

This is a literal cliché of The Night before Christmas. I’m that bloke who finds those doors to the other holidays. 

Haha…so funny.” said Shion out loud, his voice echoing through the empty graveyard and into the dark forest, “Ugh, I have to be at the door by 11 or else…I don’t know, I’ve never been late.” said Shion as he walked passed the endless trees of the dark forest. He had to reach the end of the forest in order to find the door to the next holiday. 

The door…got to find it before the time runs out. It’s almost nighttime. Got to get to Christmas. Maybe Santa’s shed a few pounds since last time. Do the elves still run that gym- “Look, if it isn’t my next meal.” said the leader of the vampires, his kin surrounding Shion, hungrily waiting to devour him. 

“Listen, I got to run, so maybe you can find another meal. See you never, hopefully!” replied Shion, shoving past the vampires and deeper through the forest.

God, they’re so annoying, Them and the zombies. Oooooh Santa’s gonna get an earful from me. Where’s this dang door- 

“AHHHHHH” Shion screamed, blood dripping down his neck. One of the vampires had bit him, its fangs dripping with blood. It went for another attack, ready to pierce him apart Drip. Drip Drip. 

Shion’s wooden stake pierced through the vampire’s chest. The vampire stood there frozen and then fell to the ground, its body motionless. The others, who were ready to kill him moments ago, now nervously shuffled away, eying the wooden stakes in his hands. “Yeah, that’s right. Don’t bother me again. I’m warning you, next time you do, you’ll end up like him.” said Shion as he pointed towards the cold, dead body of the fallen vampire. The vampires slowly disappeared, grumbling about not getting their meal. 

Ouch. It hurts. I hate dealing with those vampires. Let’s burn it. All of it; the entire forest so I won’t have to deal with this again. I’m finally going to escape Halloween. 

“Ahhh, finally. I have found the door. Looks like it hasn’t changed in the slightest. Well, there’s Santa on the other end; I just have to burn the forest and I’ll be done with Halloween.” said Shion, a smile of satisfaction spreading wide across his bruised face. 

As the last glimpses of sunlight gave way to the darkness of Halloween night, Shion, battered and bruised, struck a match, holding it near the endless amount of trees near him. He had finally reached the end of Halloween, at least for this year. The door was open and he could already feel the cold snowflakes coming through from the other side.

“Well, guess this is it for the year. Let’s just say, I won’t miss it.” he said to himself, the match ablaze and ready to burn. He dropped it near the tree from last time, where the zombies almost got to him. The forest quickly caught on fire, as the matches’ flames spread wide and quick, burning everything. 

“Goodbye Halloween, hello Christmas!” exclaimed Shion, as he walked through the portal door and into the snow covered land of the North Pole. As he walked towards Santa’s house the portal door slowly creaked open, the vampires’ leader walking through, ready to take his long-awaited meal…