Salute to the Shields


Into our streets, a reminder runs dry,

Not a whisper about it, only ungrateful sighs.

These men and women risk their lives for us,

But what do we do?

Continue with our daily life making a fuss.

Then when the conflict is over and well,

Be thankful that we weren’t the ones going through hell.

They lay in deep muddy trenches 

While they wait the time o’er

Lots hurt and neglected

Some sick, disease infected  

But still they keep hope more and more.

They came to fight for the country they hold dear,

But if it’s not respected,

They should rather stay here

So stop complaining, and put down your whines,

Instead pray and hope for the soldiers behind enemy lines.

Left alone skeletons on the ground 

All their names etched

In the book of memories and misery

The memorials of death

Because of them we can live a free life

They get up everyday ready to pay the price

All the countries stand because of them

They really are the countries’ gems

Many people take for granted our freedom always free,

But we tend to forget those who keep that right for you and me.

They never admit that they are heroes

Isn’t that what great heroes do?

They don’t show off to others 

But fight for what is right and true.

They are our countries’ shield

They will now be revealed:

The soldiers and the military.