MLB Opening Up



Baseball is known as one of America’s favorite pastimes. However, the previous season was shortened to just 60 regular season games instead of the normal 162 games, and zero fans were allowed to attend. Even though all of these safety measures were ensured, lots of players still caught the virus. For example, a couple of the Miami Marlins games were canceled because more than one of the players were infected. However, players and fans are now coming back to the stadium for a complete game season. Many MLB fans are wondering whether it is safe to go back to stadiums during the pandemic, and how the MLB is preventing the spread of the virus.

There are many new regulations being imposed by Rob Manfred, the baseball commissioner, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. A big change that has been implemented for the start of the season is that a lot of states are only allowing 20-30% capacity in the stadiums. For example, Citi field and Yankee stadium are only allowing 20% capacity in their stadiums since they are a part of the state of New York. Another way the league is preventing the spread of COVID-19 is through plexiglass dividers. Many stadiums are using this because it helps create a buffer zone between the players and the fans. These are some of the crucial ways the MLB is preventing COVID-19. It is also mandatory to get a covid test before you enter the stadium 72 hours prior to the game.

Even though the MLB is back in action. Is it worth it to buy tickets to games? According to Forbes, opening day ticket prices have shot up by 53%. For many fans, this price may be too high to go to a baseball game. For devoted baseball fans, this price may not make a difference from them going to the game or not.

Baseball is starting to return to its pre-pandemic state with new rules and requirements. The regulations are changing everyday. Baseball fans–be prepared for stadiums to start opening to full capacity in the summer.