Prom: A Night to Remember


Prom, one of the most extravagant events of the entire school year, is often looked at as a major point in high school students’ lives. It is a formal dance held by the school toward the end of the school year that many students anticipate highly.

This year, many Juniors and Seniors attended the prom. It was held on Saturday, April 17, on the BIM upper deck where a decorated tent was set up for the students. The theme was a night under the stars, and, according to a BASIS student who attended prom, “The venue that was set up was stunning. There was a lit walkway leading up to the tent which was covered and filled with soft lights. Inside, there were comfortable couches, a fun photo booth, and an ice cream bar (the best part).” Juniors and Seniors attending could bring guests to BIM’s prom. At a usual prom, there is normally a DJ, a dance floor, food, and drinks, and typically held at a non-school venue (like a hotel, for example). Due to COVID-19 social distancing protocol, the prom took place on campus, but attending students still had great experiences.

One issue that raised controversy, however, was the fact that the prom was being held at BASIS itself. Many students wondered why the cost was so high if there was not going to be anything especially unique. One student who attended said that “I can tell you now that I think it’s very overpriced especially since it’s being held at BASIS,” when asked about their thoughts on the prom.

Tickets for the prom were priced at $100. Prom tickets are usually pricey, with most other schools’ pricing around the same ($70-100). Yet, in a typical year, more expensive tickets should lead to more extravagant events. A student said, “I understand that the venue and other costs must have been high, but $100 is a lot to ask of BASIS kids who aren’t that into the community in the first place.” In the future, BASIS needs to “make an effort to draw in a bigger crowd” and may need to invest in “a cooler venue” to attract more students. 

Despite the confusion surrounding the price, there were many reasons behind the need for a steep ticket price, such as catering, rented tent, or musical services. According to our sources, the prom was really nice and exceeded our attendees’ expectations. They “…had a blast dancing and singing to bad 2010s pop music,” with friends. Despite some of the drawbacks of having prom during a pandemic, many students who attended prom had a fun night filled with experiences to remember.