Editor’s Note


Greetings to all,

To those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sean, and I have been Editor-in-chief for The BIM Bulletin over the past 1.5 years in addition to having been a staff writer the previous 2.5 years. Over my last four years at BASIS Independent McLean, I’ve seen our school grow in many aspects: community, academics, clubs, etc. However, the growth of the BIM journalism program is the one I am most passionate about. If you asked me four years ago that our school’s journalism program would come this far, I would’ve immediately said, “dreams do not come about so easily.” Bluntly speaking, I was wrong. With the help of my co-Editor, Annie, our graphics leader, Mimi, BIM journalism students, and most importantly, our faculty advisor, Dr. Pittman, our school’s journalism program has exceeded my expectations. What started out as a small paper with around four to five staff has evolved into a website covering a wide-range of topics from school news to pop culture with over ten staff! While I look forward to continuing my endeavors in journalism in college, I also await with great pleasure to see how The BIM Bulletin and the BIM journalism program will continue to expand. As departing Editor-in-chief, I would like to welcome Suman, The BIM Bulletin’s incoming Editor-in-chief, and wish her all the best luck. I would also like to take this time to thank all BIM journalism students for helping The BIM Bulletin come to be. I also extend thanks to our school community for taking the time to read many of our publications and for getting involved with The BIM Bulletin through general submissions, the Creative Writing Corner, and/or the photography contest. Above all, I thank Dr. Pittman for not only supporting my endeavors with The BIM Bulletin but also for helping me develop and discover my passion for journalism, writing, and the humanities. It has been an honor working with The BIM Bulletin, and it is indeed so hard to leave. Nonetheless, I know The BIM Bulletin is in good hands, and I am certain that it will only continue to prosper from where it is today. 


Sean P. ’21, departing Editor-in-chief of The BIM Bulletin