Senior Spill

Welcome to the 2021-2022 “Senior Spill.” in which teachers share their thoughts about the 2022 graduating class!


Class of 2022 remember fingernail polish from a resort is expensive, Gigi’s coffee will keep you caffeinated, and snow and ice storm adds an extra night at Woodloch. I really did enjoy getting to know you all better during family fun meals

This class are “The Eternals” : they’re as old as BIM itself.

Class of 2022, it has been an honor to watch you all grow over the years.  May you always continue to grow. May you always continue to learn. May you always have the courage to chase your dreams. Thank you all for making AP GOVT and APUSH such great classes. 

I will be sad once you all Argon! This group was always up for offering solutions and was never short on reactions 🙂 Good luck next year and keep your ion the prize.

It was a pleasure teaching many of you in the English Capstone this year! We had so many great discussions about contemporary literature! I look forward to seeing you all when you come back and visit! Good luck with everything!

This senior class is full of artists, future scientists, future doctors, hopefully a historian, and most likely a politician, a diplomat, a teacher, a fashion icon, a leader in Education, and so many other possibilities. The list is long because you are so talented and your interests are so wide-ranging. It has been immensely rewarding to be your English teacher, if not always the most fun. (IYKYK.) You are each ready for your next steps. I hope you stop by for a visit next year! Take care, read widely, and be kind.