The 2021 Winter X Games


The Winter X Games is an annual skiing and snowboarding competition held in Aspen, Colorado. This year, X Games XXV was held from January 29 to 31st, and featured snowboarders Shaun White, Mark McMorris, Chloe Kim, and Jamie Anderson, and skiers Gus Kenworthy, David Wise, Devin Logan and Kelly Sildaru. The X Games were founded 26 years ago and is hosted, produced, and broadcasted by ESPN and is also shown on ABC. 

The X Games has taken place on Buttermilk Mountain for 20 years; however, it only began to attract viewers in 2002. This was the year that many elements were added, such as the ski slope-style event, ski super pipe event, and snowboarding. In addition to this, the US Olympic Snowboarding team competed, and it was also made a global event. Now, in addition to the original X Games, there is X Games Asia, and additional competitions are hosted in Spain and Germany. 

There are many criteria to qualify to participate at the Winter Games. All competitors that earned a spot on the podium are automatically invited back for next year’s competition. Other medalists from previous years are also strongly considered. Any other competitions or media exposure is also taken into account while choosing participants. 

This year, the US took home a total of 10 medals, in events such as the Men’s Snowboard Big Air, the Women’s Snowboard Slope-style, and many others. Countries like Canada, Switzerland, and China also placed highly in the competition. 

The Winter X games continue to grow yearly, with new competitors and new records constantly being beat. Competitors such as Shaun White and Casey Puckett have become role models for young skiers and snowboarders worldwide.