All About Lindsey Fors


Lindsey Fors, the school counselor, joined BIM February of 2020. Before working here, Ms. Fors worked in Argentina as a youth soccer coach. While there, Ms. Fors was passionate about counseling kids. Once she realized that the kids needed more counseling than she was able to provide, she immediately flew to America, got her bachelor’s degree, and came back to Argentina so that she would be able to further aid them. She led training seminars and guided other counselors, helping more kids get the counseling that they need. 

As a guidance counselor here, she hopes to help manage the stress and anxiety that comes with BIM’s rigorous curriculum. Ms. Fors welcomes you into her office anytime. 

As a counselor, Ms. Fors spends most of her time working with teachers to support their students. Specifically, she enjoys the collaborative aspect of working alongside all members of the school using the weekly wellness checks as well as the messaging function of Schoology .

Ms. Fors’ office is a welcoming place. Sometimes students might perceive a visit to the school counselor as a sign that they cannot manage a problem. She offers a different perspective:  “Some students might think they can handle everything on their own and don’t realize the resources they have available to them through the counseling office.” Resources might focus on ways to manage “anxiety, perfectionism,” or “time management” for those of us who have made an art and life-style out of procrastination.

If anyone is battling these struggles (or anything else ), you can visit Ms. Fors’s office at room 235. The main reason why most high schoolers are reluctant to approach Ms. Fors for help is because they worry about what their peers will think of them; they believe Ms. Fors will be unable to assist with their individual struggles or they fear the family/social stigma surrounding mental health. However, students are often oblivious to the plethora of resources  that are offered by a school guidance counselor.  At BIM, Ms. Fors’s doors are always open to anyone who wants to talk to her. Despite the COVID-19 circumstances, Ms. Fors is  available to discuss any concerns that you have. This can be through physical means by meeting her at her office or virtual means through zoom meetings or messages in Schoology. Feel free to message Ms. Fors on days when it is difficult to meet with her.                                       

Under most circumstances, confidentiality will be maintained when an individual meets with  Ms. Fors. Ms. Fors’ office is a safe place to talk, cry, laugh, or express anything else that you are going through. Ms. Fors is always looking for the best resource to help you in whatever situation you find yourself. By connecting young people and using the resources they need, she hopes to allow individuals reach their goals in a safe and healthy environment