My Conversation with Hillary Clinton


Just hearing her voice…One memorable experience I had in the past couple months was interviewing Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was amazing to hear her voice over the phone. The fact that she was specifically talking to me made the whole thing even more special. Her tone especially moved me and inspired me for my future. The experience was also very professional as I had a couple phone calls with her secretary and had to provide a headshot and short biography prior to our phone call.  Throughout the preparation, it all felt very real and I have gained confidence for future interviews. 

I prepared four questions prior to our scheduled interview. The question I was most eager about focused on her advice for young women. My question was, “What advice do you have for young women who aspire to have careers in public service or politics?” As an extremely successful politician and woman, I felt that she would have a lot to say about her experience and the lessons she learned in the world of politics. 

She gave me three main pieces of advice. One, surround yourself with good friends meaning not to get involved in the wrong crowd and let other people bring you down. Two, make sure you are getting a quality education. While growing up, focus on studies because it will prepare you for anything that happens in your life. Three, you have to know what you want to do and know how you are going to achieve your goal. Listening to her advice really gave me good insight on how I see my future. Her advice stood out to me because I think if you stay on the right track and do not let other distractions bring you down, as well as work hard, it will pay off in the future.