The FIRE Club is Coming to BIM: FAQ


What is the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Club?

FIRE Club is dedicated to learning about ways to establish financial independence so you can have more choices earlier in life. The goal of FIRE Club is to teach its members the tools for the financial responsibility that will lead to financial freedom. 

What will you learn in the FIRE Club?

We will be covering the various teachings of successful wealth accumulators like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger and learning their methods such as the importance of delayed gratification, savings, and investment in inflation-beating assets. Books such as The Millionaire Next Door and Rich Dad, Poor Dad are some examples of the material we will cover. We will also review famous investors like Charlie Munger. 

Other topics will include the difference between wealth and simply having money. Wealth is not just accumulating large amounts of money. Wealth is the freedom to make your own choices to further your health, relationships, and happiness. The amount of money a person makes is not an indicator of how wealthy they are. However, the choices that are afforded to you by being financially independent are a strong path to being wealthy. 

What FIRE Club is Not:

FIRE Club is not a stock tip or stock investing club. By joining this club, you will gain financial literacy! Any concept talked about in the club will spark your independent research to chart your path to financial confidence. The Fire Club will meet once a month. Time and place TBD. In addition, a monthly column will be in the school newspaper. Also, we will suggest other material that members may find helpful in their journey into the FIRE… 


If you have interest please contact sophomore Henry P.